Wow, One Of You Beautiful Babies Sent Me In A Picture Of A Dude's Dick (UPDATE)


I won’t show the whole thing because I’ve been instructed that some of those photos are inappropriate for your delicate sensibilities. However, the email is harsh enough that it deserves a mention. Thanks, R.

I’m forwarding this to you because it was sent to me by the nastiest guy imaginable. He’s super short, smells like ass, chews tobacco, and was convinced that I was his best friend and going to sleep with him for reasons unknown. He also sexually harassed all of the women that we worked with, and even though I’m a pretty awful feminist (I’m an un-pc conservative), that certainly pissed me off. If all else fails, look at his email address. WTF??
So, here’s a dick picture. Have fun!

May God bless you. I won’t run his email address but let’s just say it is quite apt considering the accompanying photo. As you were. What else do you want to do today?!?!?!

UPDATE: Send me an email requesting the junk and I’ll forward it to you. It’s actually quite impressive for a short, smelly guy.

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