Your Afternoon Cry: Woman Adopts Baby Abandoned in Trash


If you look past the fact that this Thai “My Woman is Beautiful” advertisement is from a lingerie company, then you can just watch a mom and her rosy-cheeked daughter be cute. If not, meet me at this post’s end.

Based on a true story, Jane is a single mother working her way through college to support her daughter, June. She won’t divulge details of her daughter’s father but, thanks to the urging of a male friend, we get a flashback scene where Jane finds June as an infant in the garbage. Tearfully, she picks up the child and gently plucks the trash away. Cue the sentimental stuff.

You can cry now, it’s totally fine.

And then, if you’re like me, your questions probably begin. Why’s this all told from Phutt’s perspective? Why can’t Jane just be beautiful, the ad’s tagline, without approval from Phutt? Isn’t that kind of the point of these ads, that women are beautiful for the special and kind things they do, not really how they look?

I like this ad and June is a cute kid, but the storyline felt cheapened by Jane receiving Phutt’s approval. Just me?

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