You're Darn Tootin' Meghan McCain Is Excited About Her New Talk Show


Meghan McCain, perhaps the most famous American Meghan to spell her name with an “h” in front of the “a,” will be co-hosting a late-night talk show, even after her own show on Pivot, Raising McCain, was cancelled after one dumb season.

According to Politico, McCain will stay on Pivot, teaming up with Jacob Soboroff to contribute to TakePart Live, a “documentary-style” talk show that premiered back in September. It’s going to be exciting, and everyone involved is super-excited. If you were to tune into Pivot right now, your ears would literally ring from all the excitement that is both being experienced and expressed by Pivot’s employees. McCain said she was “excited” to get a chance to stay on Pivot [and maybe do a show that wasn’t dumb], and Pivot’s president Evan Shapiro is excited to have someone who really understands the zeitgeist. He explained, “The best thing that Meghan does is she reacts to the zeitgeist in a very distinctive way. We wanted something that was more timely.” Asked and answered, Evan — it doesn’t get any more zeitgeist-y than Meghan McCain.

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