YouTube Star Michelle Phan Gets Her Own (Huge) Makeup Line


Michelle Phan, YouTube’s master makeup artist, launched her very own line of makeup this week to much fanfare from her legions of loyal social media adorers.

You (and about a bazillion other people) might know Phan from her much-celebrated makeup tutorials on YouTube. Those tutorials were so good (and Phan has become so popular, amassing over 4.5 million YouTube subscribers) that they convinced L’Oréal to help Phan launch a huge line of makeup that includes 250 products.

Allure has all the details of Phan’s comprehensive product line, right down to the thoughtful packaging of each palette of blush comes in:

The loose powder is sealed with a screen so it won’t spill. The cheek palette has both your blush and your bronzer. The eye-shadow palettes come with a de-potting tool so you can add and remove shades as you please. And then there’s something called the Life Palette, a 36-shade refillable kit complete with 24 eye shadows, four blushes, and eight lip colors that are available in six different collections (for day, night, party looks, love, work, the beach, and any other situation you could possibly find yourself in). It also comes with an empty travel palette so you don’t have to take the whole thing with you on vacation.

Phan’s line was also something of a crowdsourced effort — she took input from her followers about what made other cosmetic products annoying, and made sure she didn’t commit the same blunders as BIG MAKEUP, what with their disregard for the average consumer. Michelle Phan’s makeup is makeup by the people, for the people.


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