YouTuber Who Staged Himself Sleeping Through WNBA Game May Now Be Banned from All NBA Events

JiDion apparently pulled these stunts to embarrass women basketball players and their fans, but the only person he's managed to humiliate is himself.

YouTuber Who Staged Himself Sleeping Through WNBA Game May Now Be Banned from All NBA Events

YouTuber JiDion (né Jidon Adams) has reportedly been banned from “all NBA-related events” following a series of remarkably dull, sexist pranks he pulled while sitting courtside at WNBA games. Attending a Los Angeles Sparks game this week, Adams, dressed head-to-toe in pajamas, occupied several courtside seats and pretended to sleep. His YouTube video shared on Thursday shows that when he’s first given a warning by security, he lies that he has a medical condition that requires him to sleep—an attempt at comedy akin to something a teenager might do.

Shortly after this, he’s removed by multiple security guards. Outside the arena, Adams films the security personnel as one guard tells him, “You are not allowed on the premises.” When Adams asks if he’s “only banned from WNBA games,” the security guard specifies that he’s banned from “all NBA-related events.” The NBA hasn’t publicly commented on the matter, nor did the league immediately respond to a request for comment from Jezebel to confirm whether or not the shock-jock YouTuber has actually been banned.

Earlier in the week, at a Minnesota Lynx game, Adams also sat courtside and pulled the same inane bullshit: His Thursday YouTube video shows that when a ball flies out of bounds toward him, instead of returning the ball as required, he attempts a shot and woefully misses as several players near him appear visibly frustrated.

To an ordinary person, or at least someone who isn’t an Andrew Tate-pilled 13-year-old boy, Adams’ actions are frankly just embarrassing for him. But of course, his massive online fan base (which apparently exists for some reason) has since waged a harassment campaign targeting the WNBA. Nearly every recent Instagram post by the WNBA account has been subjected to torrents of users posting the sleeping emoji since Thursday. The harassment appears to have reached a point that, as of Friday afternoon, the WNBA has limited most people from commenting on its Instagram posts. (The WNBA and WNBA players’ union didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment on Adams and his fans’ actions.)

It should go without saying that the users making these comments, probably from a futon in their parents’ basement, are possibly the least athletic people alive.

Clips of Adams’ stunts at WNBA games have also been circulated by several major sports fandom accounts, inexplicably captioned with laughing emojis, and received tens of thousands of likes and retweets. All of this would be fairly fucking depressing were it not for the conciliatory prize of this man possibly never attending an NBA-related event again. As one Defector writer so aptly put it, “This man let his hatred of women get him kicked out of all NBA events. Amazing. A generation of losers truly.”

Of course, quite literally any WNBA player is physically capable of drop-kicking this man across a stadium. Adams ostensibly pulled these stunts to embarrass women in the league and their fans and impress upon them how supposedly boring and unserious they are to him, a man who spends his sad little days vlogging. But the only person Adams ultimately humiliated—and potentially gotten banned from all future NBA games—is himself.

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