10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week


In this week’s compilation of pop culture crap, Al Pacino is totally batshit loonball, Sarah Silverman doesn’t like fat chick jokes, and Steve Carell’s hair has gotten mysteriously thicker since season one of The Office.

1.) Al Pacino is officially a crazy old man now.
This week, while being interviewed on 60 Minutes, it was evident that he’s lost control of more than just his hair.

2.) Speaking of hair…
Has Steve Carell taken Propecia or something since season one of The Office?

3.) Who will save feminism from whorish, drunken women!?!?
I am so motherfucking sick of this “women behaving like frat guys is dangerous” bullshit. First of all, for most women, getting wasted and being promiscuous is not about “empowerment.” I know this because things that are “empowering” are rarely ever as much fun as getting wasted and sleeping around is. Secondly, what the fuck is the point of feminism if we’re gonna keep telling women to behave themselves? Third, why aren’t there ever any news stories about the dangerous trend of promiscuous, drunk young men? Lastly, I’m still confused by the fact that Ke$ha isn’t European. That song is so S Club 7.

4.) The Six Flags commercial somehow managed to get worse.
OMG, I cannot believe the fake old man dancing the Vengaboys thing will just not go away. To make it even more annoying, they updated the commercial this year with a mini fake old man dancing to the Vengaboys.

5.) “Jokes about fat women bum me out.”
As if I didn’t love Sarah Silverman enough already, she’s also awesome when she’s being serious.

6.) And then she got Larry King to admit he likes potty humor.

7.) Kitty Kelley is “a funky mesh.”
I’m loving that Kitty Kelley says her S’s like Liza Minnelli.

8.) Real Househusband Simon van Kempen’s fashion show jacket.
It actually is lined with photos from a fashion show.

9.) Speaking of flamboyant attire…
This is what Richard Simmons wore to speak to Congress about fitness this week.

10.) Donald Trump asks Bret Michaels what’s under his bandanna.
Even though I’m dying to see exactly what’s going on under there, I’d just like to know where the hell Donald Trump gets off calling someone out about their hair. (Get better, Bret!)

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