108-Year-Old Woman, 38-Year-Old Husband Consider Adoption


In news seemingly designed specifically for the internet to freak out over: a 108-year-old woman named Wook Kundor has expressed her desire to have a child, and her 38-year-old husband has stated that the couple is considering adoption.

Kundor’s husband (her 23rd!), Mohd Noor Che Musa, is apparently the spokesperson for the couple: he claims he picked up on his wife’s apparent desire to have a child after she pointed out baby mittens in a shop window, though Kundor herself is never quoted in the piece as claiming she is excited about or actively seeking motherhood. The Malaysia Star also makes a point to note that Mohd Noor has just returned from an 18-month stint in rehab for drug addiction, and that the couple was separated during that time.

If you factor in Kundor’s remarkable age and the fact that her husband , it’s relatively unlikely, regardless of how good their intentions are, that they will be considered ideal candidate for adoptions (this is not to say that everyone over a certain age can’t adopt, or that if Kundor passes, her husband can’t be a suitable parent, or that anyone who has been through rehab can’t be a good parent, as those are ridiculous generalizations; it’s just that we are working with a combined set of relatively extraordinary circumstances here). One wonders if the couple is already aware of this, and simply getting the story out there because, well, it’s so fascinating and unique and built for viral distribution, or if they’re genuinely trying to bring a child into their home. Either way, the image of a 108-year-old woman pointing at baby mittens and expressing a desire to have a child in the home is just sort of heartbreaking, isn’t it? The body may age, but the heart continues to feel those small, familiar tugs, even in the face of reality.

[Nek Wook Wants A Baby [Malaysia Star]

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