12 Depressing Ensembles From Urban Outfitters' Apocalyptic Wasteland


The September Urban Outfitters catalog sheds light on Seasonal Affective Disorder, dysthymia and the apocalypse. If you’ve seen that movie The Road, you already know what’s hot for fall!

This is either very Flowers In The Attic or “Doc Treated My Sister With Leeches And She’s Only Gotten Worse.”

Madras by A.P.C. Woodland dress in pink, $210; Lucca Couture prairie dress, $58; Dolce Vita platform shoes, $178.

Maybe it’s consumption. Or maybe she’s sad because she has to go back to school?

Cooperative little house sweater, $48; Madras by A.P.C blouse, $210; Cooperative suspender skirt, $58.

What’s happening here is unclear; at first glance that languishing lad in the back seems to be lying near an open grave. But alas, it’s just a stream. And from the looks of the model in the foreground, the water is undrinkable and the four horsemen are near.

Urban renewal vintage wool blazer in dark plaid, $48.

“But what about Davey?”
“Don’t you get it, Heather? We have to leave him behind if we want to save ourselves!”

Obey commuter backpack, $38; Urban Renewal kilt, $48.

All of the animals had disappeared, and the crops had been tainted with a poisonous rain. It was going to be a long winter. Betsy and Krista were both thinking the same thing: If push came to shove, they might have to eat Johnny.

Cooperative earflap fox hat, $34; Staring At Stars grey cableknit sweater, $48; BDG wool varsity jacket, $88; Levi’s chambray shirt, $68; Madras by A.P.C. plaid skirt, $135.

As she wondered where all the people, birds and wildlife had gone, Emma suddenly realized that she should have watched the news yesterday instead of Jersey Shore.

BB Dakota blanket coat, $168; heathered thigh-high socks, $14.

It took Cammie and Sophie a while to realize that the train was never, ever going to move.

They still didn’t want to sit next to each other, though.

Deena & Ozzy eternity scarf, $28; Deena & Ozzy leopard blanket scarf, $38.

This one doesn’t even need a fake caption. This woman needs help!

Kimchi Blue faux fur jacket, $148; Truly Madly Deeply scoopneck tee, $24; Silence & Noise asymmetrical chiffon dress, $78; 80%20 pony wedge, $178.

It’s all well and good to joke about depression, but when Urban Outfitters actually shoots a woman standing on a ledge

Stolen Girlfriends Club bolero jacket, $234.

By the by: Depression is not just for the ladies! check out this sad sack, who lives where the streets have no name. Or passersby.

Moping: So hot right now!

As is chronic fatigue syndrome, apparently.

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