2 Murder Exposés, 2 Cult Classics, and All the Kesha That Got Us Through the Week

These are our recommendations for your weekend cultural consumption.

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Keri Russell is back! So is Martin Scorsese! Parker Posey and Kesha, too! And they’ve given us much to watch and listen to, as we ease ourselves from a long week during which much of the Jez staff was under the weather (this spring has been brutal in New York), into a weekend during which much of the Jez staff will be laying low in recovery mode. Join us in our sedentary states, won’t you?

You’ll find this week’s wide-ranging Jez Recs in the following slideshow. And if you’d like to recommend something for next week’s edition, drop it in a comment here or email it to us at [email protected] with the subject line “Jez Recs.”

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