20 Vines That Should Win Popular Film at the Oscars


When it was first announced that the Academy Awards would be introducing a new category for Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film, film fans were notably irate. The new category was not just confusing but also potentially demeaning, implying that popular films (assumedly blockbusters, but I guess they could be anything, from romcoms to action movies) aren’t Best Picture fare. Personally, I think the only films nominated for popular films should be Vines.

Everyone knows Vines are excellent. They are immensely popular, yet decidedly experimental when you think about the fact that they’re seven seconds. We know a Best Picture nominee must be feature-length, but eligibility requirements for the popular film category have yet to be released. And so, I’m holding out hope.

1. He Fell for 9 Seconds

2. I Think I Know More About American Girl Dolls

3. I Can’t Swim

4. Lawn Mower Vine

5. A Potato Flew Around My Room

6. Golden Girls Gospel Remix (Full Song) [Editors note: Not a Vine but who gives a shit]

7. Not being too shady but honestly so ready PEACE OUT

8. WOW

9. Chloe Lmao’s Take On Me

10. Back At It Again At Krispy Kreme

11. Today’s Forecast

12. You’re Not My Dad

13. Cat Sneak Attack

14. Barbie Into Fire

15. I Got My Hate Blockers On

16. Kid Gets Hit With Basketball

17. What Up, I’m Jared, I’m 19, and I Never Fucking Learned How to Read

18. My Boo Vine

19. Goosebumps Tribute [Editors note: Not technically Vine but, again, I don’t give a shit]

19. Give Me Your Fucking Money

20. Do It For the Vine

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