48 Over-the-Top Fabulous Looks From Beyoncé's 17 New Music Videos


Beyoncé followed the Netflix broadcasting model by simultaneously releasing 17 music videos for the tracks on her new, self-titled album. Marketed as a “visual album,” there were a lot of costume changes. And a lot of thonged ass.

One recurring theme throughout the album was the pairing of bathing suits with fur coats.

Also, she’s just going by Yoncé now.

Yoncé is super into thongs right now.

And then you finally get to a video where you’re like, OK, the thongs thing was a phase.

Until she turns around and you see that she has a jorts thong.

I mean, it only makes sense that she wears scant clothing and looks super hot since it’s a really sexy album. Many of her costumes were elaborate lingerie.

But then she would break it up from time to time with some humor, like when she reenacted home movies with Kelly Rowland.

Or just some straight-up weird stuff, like this full-body condom dress.

Or her Virgin Mary thing.

Or hanging out, quite literally, with someone else’s child.

The best looks were probably from the video for “Blow,” directed by Hype Williams.

It takes place in a roller rink and she wore “Mrs. Carter” skates.

An important element to Yoncé’s style is wind.

It helps create improvisational head scarves.

More headwear:

Kickass boots:

Stacks on stacks:

A cape under a coat:

More lace:

Robot peplum:






And last, but certainly not least, more ass:

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