7th Grade Teacher Allegedly Has Cocaine Delivered to School


A Kentucky middle school teacher has been indicted on a felony charge of prohibited acts related to a controlled substance after being accused of having her drug dealer bring cocaine to her on school property. This is why you don’t mix business and pleasure. Or schoolkids and hard drugs, whichever.

Earlier this month, Arin Staples resigned from her position at Holmes Middle School in Covington, Kentucky, after being questioned by the Drug Enforcement Agency. She could face up to five years in prison according to Kenton County Commonwealth attorney, Rob Sanders. Via USAToday:

“There are multiple instances of her obtaining cocaine … (and) receiving it from a drug dealer on school property, among other places,” Sanders said.

Apparently a security assistant at the same school was arrested and charged with drug trafficking just over a week ago, and in an e-mail to the school staff, Holmes superintendent Alvin Garrison stated the DEA talked to two other employees of the school. They have either resigned or been suspended. That’s a lot of commotion for one middle school, don’t you think?

Sanders declined to comment about the “larger drug-trafficking organization” the DEA is investigating.
“I can say it is not related to the school, (but) I can’t comment on the specifics because it is part of an ongoing federal investigation,” he said.

While Sanders did say that there are no accusations or evidence to suggest that students are involved with this, the proximity of all this illicit drug activity to a middle school is definitely worrisome.

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