87-Year-Old Woman Gave Snacks to Teen Who Broke Into Her Home, Tried to Cut Her

Marjorie Perkins, who lives in Maine, said the intruder—who stood over her bed with a knife—used to mow her lawn over a decade ago.

87-Year-Old Woman Gave Snacks to Teen Who Broke Into Her Home, Tried to Cut Her

Let it be known that this 87-year-old woman in Maine has captured my heart. Marjorie Perkins, who lives in Brunswick, recently woke up at 2 a.m. to a teenage man with a knife standing over her and, while she did have to put up a fight, she also gave the intruder…plenty of snacks.

“I woke up to see a male standing over me by my bed, telling me he was going to cut me,” Perkins told NEWS CENTER Maine. “He said, ‘I’m going to cut you,’” she told The Times Record. “I thought to myself, ‘If he’s going to cut, I’m going to kick.’ So I jumped into my shoes.”

Perkins said the teen started to hit her so she grabbed a chair which “helped” even though she still got hit in her forehead. “I was hollering for help out the window. … Thank God I had the chair between us,” she told the newspaper. “It would’ve been worse.”

“I kept saying, ‘You need to get out. You need help,’” she continued. “He said he was awfully hungry and hadn’t had anything to eat for quite a while. And I said, ‘Well, here’s a box of peanut butter and honey crackers. You can have that whole box.’ I gave him two containers of Ensure and I gave him two tangerines.”

Perkins then called the police but she had to use a rotary phone. “I dialed as fast as I could,” she said. But rotary phones only spin so fast. The teen fled before the cops arrived, but was found a few blocks away.

And if the story couldn’t get more bizarre, Perkins says she knew the teen because he used to mow her lawn for extra cash 10 years ago. “He did a darn good job,” she told the Record. “I hope he gets help.”

After the whole ordeal, Perkins’ neighbor gave her a bat, and she’s seem very chill about the entire incident. “Don’t sit and cry about it,” she said. “Be ready to kick and pick up a chair and hit somebody with it.”

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