A Balding Benedict Cumberbatch Stars in HBO Brexit Movie No One Wants


Over the weekend, HBO dropped a trailer for Brexit, an upcoming film detailing the United Kingdom’s disastrous decision to leave the European Union in 2016. It stars a balding Benedict Cumberbatch as Dominic Cummings, the campaign leader behind the Leave movement and the person essentially responsible for the nation’s ongoing economic turmoil. (You know him as the guy who coined the slogan, “Take back control.”)

In one scene, Cumberbatch’s Cummings asks a room, “Is it immigration? You can be honest. Is it race? Which countries don’t you like?” in an attempt to fuel the fire that led his team to victory. He writes “Turkey,” on a white board.

Cummings is painted to be something of an outcast hero in the film, or so that appears to be public opinion—no one will know until they watch the movie, but it is an interesting time to produce such a film. According to CNN, a second Brexit referendum is being discussed as a realistic possibility, though Prime Minister Theresa May continues to reject it. With Brexit still an ongoing catastrophe, it’s hard to envision how Brexit the movie will portray its ending.

At least we can rest assured that there was equal pay on set, right?

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