A-List Dresses To Impress Will & Kate


For their very first Hollywood red carpet event, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose BAFTA’s Brits to Watch soiree. There they were greeted by the likes of impeccably-dressed Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Kidman, as well as Dana Delany, we seems to have lost her mind and/or eyesight.

On any other woman this would look like a cheap-o Joyce Leslie stripper cover-up, but J. Lo manages to evoke a sexy snake. (Not that I’m suggesting sex with snakes.)

Nicole Kidman’s alabaster skin went well with her pretty pale blue/gray dress, but the highlight was the dramatic draping in the back.

The simplicity of Kate’s McQueen gown lent itself well to beautiful movement. Blake Lively looks about as confused by her sari excuse for an MOB one-shouldered poncho as I am. I was going to say that Elisabeth Moss looks like a creamy dream, but that actually sounds like slang for a nocturnal emission.

The boob wings kind of ruin Rita Wilson’s silhouette. Meanwhile, there’s no mistaking Leslie Mann’s silhouette, as her dress matches her skin tone so much that she kind of looks naked.

Toga party style was really trendy for this event, but of the three (Jennifer Garner, Anna Kournikova, and Maria Bello), Bello’s—while a little wrinkled (though maybe intentionally so)—seemed the most ethereal.

Mary Louise Parker, Elizabeth Banks, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw represented America, as a group.

Here are the risk-takers of the evening—Kristin Chenoweth, Zooey Deschanel, and Jessica Brown-Findlay. And while none of them missed the mark. I’m particularly drawn to Brown-Findlay’s gown, maybe because it’s belted, or because it has sleeves, but mostly because it’s divisive.

Very few people know this but Dana Delaney is actually a poacher. She attended the Winnie the Pooh premiere earlier this weekend, shot Tigger and had him turned into this stole. It was totally worth it, obviously.

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