A Plus-Size Superhero Is Coming to Town


Frankly, I am developing a case of superhero fatigue, and if it doesn’t involve Black Panther, Wonder Woman, or my beautiful outer-space husband Thor, I’m struggling. But I would be delighted to make an exception for a movie about plus-size telekinetic teen Faith Herbert.

Deadline reported:

Sony Pictures is moving forward with a live action adaptation of the Valiant Comics superhero story Faith, and the studio has hired American Gods scribe Maria Melnik to write the film.
The hero is Faith Herbert, a jubilant, comics-and-science-fiction loving geek who also happens to have telekinetic superpowers. Toby Jaffe and Neal Moritz will produce via their Original Film banner with Dan Mintz of DMG Entertainment.

The movie is part of a deal Sony Pictures cut with Valiant Entertainment in 2015 to raid their IP for movie ideas, because Marvel is printing money right now and if you’re a movie executive without a credibly competitive big-budget franchise you absolutely cannot show your face down at the squash court right now. And we might as well get a superhero with a cute little poochy tummy out of it.

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