A Reminder That Simone Biles Is the Greatest Athlete of Our (All?) Time

A Reminder That Simone Biles Is the Greatest Athlete of Our (All?) Time
Just another lazy Saturday for Simone Biles. Image: (via Getty)

Simone Biles is an athlete so incredible there are not enough words in the English language available to describe her incredibleness. There are, however, two new words available to describe her signature gymnastics moves: Biles and Biles 2.

Indeed, on Saturday, Biles put on another masterful performance at the 2019 gymnastic world championships in Stuttgart, Germany, landing her famed double-double dismount—a double-twisting double backflip—off the balance beam. That move is now officially known as the Biles:

And during her floor routine, she also landed a triple-double, or a double backflip with three twists. That move is now called the Biles 2, and you can see it right here at the start:

NPR says that to get a move named after you, you have to “submit it for consideration and successfully land it at a major competition.” Biles actually already has a move named after her—a Yurchenko half on with two twists, also on the vault—but the double-double is an upgrade, and it sounds like cementing it at the world championships is what gets it in the books for her. Biles made history by landing the unprecedented triple-double on the floor at the U.S. championships in August, and now it’s had its global debut.

Anyway, if the gymnastics dictionary is in need of any new moves, might I recommend the Fishbein? It involves sitting in bed watching Big Mouth for six hours straight and I am very good at it.

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