Ack!!! Can You Tell the REAL Cathy Comic Books from the Fake Ones?


Laaaaaaaaaaadies!!!!! As all modern vagina-havers know, the honorable Cathy Guisewite (peace be upon her) is our prophet, our muse, our spirit animal, our voice—bringing important lady issues into America’s living rooms since 1976. You know, lady issues like, “ACK!” and “my mother-in-law!” and “can cookie dough plug up my cry-holes?” and “IIIIIIRVIIIIIING!!!!!” So—if you’re not too tired from hairdryer shopping—why not take a moment to honor Cathy and all she’s given us by taking this kwik little kwiz?

Below you’ll see a list of possible titles for Cathy comic strip compilations. Just look through the list, and then YOU tell US which ones are REAL Cathy compilations, and which titles we just made up for the dick of it to trick you! Real or fake? You decide!

Have fun!!!

1. Cathy Chronicles
2. “What do you mean, I still don’t have equal rights??!”
3. What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing With a Double Bed
4. I think I’m having a Relationship with a Blueberry Pie!
5. Another Saturday Night of Wild and Reckless Abandon
6. A Mouthful of Breath Mints and No One to Kiss
7. Men should come with instruction booklets
8. Wake me up when I’m a size 5
9. Like Mother, Like Daughter
10. Thin thighs in thirty years
11. A hand to hold, an opinion to reject
12. Why do the right words always come out of the wrong mouth?
13. My Granddaughter Has Fleas!!
14. $14 in the Bank and a $200 Face in My Purse
15. Only Love Can Break a Heart, But a Shoe Sale Can Come Close
16. Eat Your Way to a Better Relationship
17. Revelations From a 45-Pound Purse
18. The Child Within Has Been Awakened But the Old Lady on the Outside Just Collapsed
19. Understanding the “Why” Chromosome
20. Shop till you drop, then sit down and buy shoes
21. Abs of Steel, Buns of Cinnamon
22. I Am Woman, Hear Me Snore
23. I’d Scream Except I Look So Fabulous
24. Food
25. Shoes: Chocolate for the Feet

(Answers below! No peeking!!!)

ANSWERS: They’re all real. All of them are real. None of them are made up. You think I could make up something as good as Shoes: Chocolate for the Feet????? SERIOUSLY. Don’t ever change, Cathy. Ack.

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