Adam Levine Ruins Perfectly Nice Weddings in New Maroon 5 Video


Maroon 5—a band born from the daydreams of a PacSun CEO who wanted to know what it would sound like if his store made music—has released the video for their new single “Sugar.” In it, Adam Levine—the human manifestation of a Hurley visor (that the PacSun website recommends wearing backwards)—and the Oakley sunglasses that make up the rest of Maroon 5 surprise L.A. brides and grooms by showing up to perform at the wedding.

Now, to the reasonable newlywed, this might seem like a nightmare or, at the very least, perfectly reasonable grounds to cut ties with whoever allowed this debacle to occur. Not so for the brides and grooms of the video, however. They’re thrilled to have Maroon 5 ruin their wedding. Especially, this guy:

While some of the bigger entertainment sites are writing about the video as though Maroon 5 actually showed up to perform at couples’ real weddings, we’re more dubious. One, because the audience seems to be enjoying the music and two, because I am 99% certain that this bride…

…is Raina Hein from America’s Next Top Model: Cycle 14. And Raina Hein, as a quick search of Google will tell you, is not married. YA GOT JOURNALISM’D, LEVINE.

Can I say something nice, though? (“I don’t know, can you?” you reply in disgust.) Song-wise, “Sugar” is the least offensive thing Maroon 5 has produced in years.

Today, we are all this man:

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