Alfie Patten To Take DNA Test


At the urging of his father, young Alfie Patten will take a DNA test after two boys, aged 14 and 16, emerged to state that they believe they are the father of his alleged daughter.

“Other stupid boys are lying, saying bad things, like they have slept with Chantelle too,” Patten says, “But I am the only boyfriend she has had and we’ve been together for two years, so I must be the dad. When she found out she was having a baby, I asked her ‘Am I the dad?’ and she went ‘Yeah’ so I believe her. I didn’t know about DNA tests before, but Mum explained it’s when they do a swab in your mouth and it tells you if you’re the dad. So, if I have that, they can all shut up. But I don’t really care what people say. And I don’t like them being bad about Chantelle.” One hopes that whatever the results of the tests, Alfie, Chantelle, and Maisie will get the love and support they need. [Telegraph]

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