All The Cool Kids Were At Rodarte


In the immortal words of Tracy Jordan, “freaky-deakies need love too.” And when it comes to Rodarte’s hipster-ragamuffin-Tennessee-Williams-heroines-in-Brigadoon, the love flowed from Chloe, Natalie, Kirsten and, of course, Tavi:

And I do mean all. Not just It-folks and and fashionistas, but so cool you can’t even pretend they’re not, like Kim and Thurston, who are so secure they can guest-star on Gilmore Girls, because they want to.

When I said “kids,” I didn’t just mean Style Rookies. Rather, the a lot of the clothing had a whimsical, little-girl-in-the-attic feel.

Although, naturally, muse and collaborator Tavi was there, ‘do, granny cap that kinda looks like it came off a Felicity doll, and all. (Well, that or she caught the garter.)

As always with Rodarte, so many of the pieces are totally wearable on their own.

Others? Less so.

Well, okay, maybe for her.

The theatricality of some of Rodarte’s pieces always suggest that they should really be tapped for some costume design: I’m thinking opera! Can you imagine a Rodarte Ring Cycle? Holy Moley.

Natalie Portman, you’ll recall, wore Rodarte at the Oscars last year, and looked stunning.

May we suggest…?

I love Rodarte’s craftsy helping hands elements but, let’s face it, most of us would look like the 13-year-old who just discovered solo thrift-shopping and is still figuring out the distinction between self-expression and disguise.

Pretty rad take on sheepskin, no?

Speaking of pelts! Looks like someone might need some aggressive “education” from Ingrid Newkirk!

Here’s another “pupil.” Not that, to my knowledge, anyone tries to pull off “Andre Leon Talley” besides “Andre Leon Talley.” Rachel Zoe, arguably, has more actual influence.

And in case you’re wondering, I covet this wrap, and not in the fun way.

Talk about uberfans. Did she change this between shows?

This would be a stunning wedding gown – I imagine the bouquet would involve a lot of bare branches. Maybe some thorns.

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