Angel Haze Raps Over Macklemore's 'Same Love': 'I Am Whoever I Am'


Rapper Angel Haze is pretty consistently very cool but today, she’s even cooler. Haze has taken Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s “gay anthem” “Same Love” and done it her way. I’d note that this is important as Haze is gay or bisexual, but as she says in her rap, “No I’m not gay, no I’m not straight and I sure as hell am not bisexual dammit: I am whoever I am when I am.”

In her rap, Haze paints a vivid picture of her life as a teenager:

At age 13 my mother knew I wasn’t straight. She didn’t understand but she had so much to say. She sat me on the couch and looked me straight in the face and said, ‘You’ll burn in hell or probably die of AIDS.’ It’s funny now but at 13 it was pain, to be almost sure of who you are and have it ripped away.

Haze’s comment that she’s whatever she wants to be is one that she’s made before, when some of her fans got upset over rumors that she was a lesbian:

Haze’s version of “Same Love” is not only awesome, it’s a necessary perspective on a song that’s been controversial because it featured a straight man rapping about gay issues – even if the final word on the subject is the same. “Here’s a message to the people who just don’t get it: love is love, there is no difference,” Haze says. She joins Mary Lambert, the featured vocalist in “Same Love,” as gay (or WHATEVER) women who have added their own touches to the song; Lambert released her own, quite touching music video and full song called “She Keeps Me Warm” that depicts her in the beginning stages of flirtation with a girl in a coffee shop. Tears, they are flowing; applause, it is ringing.

[Via Consequence of Sound]

Image via Angel Haze/Instagram

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