Aniston Pulls The Old Switcheroo!


The Switch premiere, at Arclight Hollywood at the Cinerama Dome, attracted some seriously good clothes and some seriously cute (and possibly tragic) photo ops.

Jennifer’s Lanvin may not set the world on fire, but I’m digging the simplicity and nod to playfulness. She’s one star who always manages to look just like herself….too bad that’s secretly a sad, lonely spinster who only looks like a gorgeous, wildly successful megastar.

Jason Bateman and Amanda Anka, who really should have advised a dark shoe.

Thomas Robinson: adorable.

Gotta say, totally digging on Juliette Lewis‘ whimsical frock, which somehow works with the Ramona Flowers hair.

Et tu, Kathy Najimy? The exposed bra trend needs to go…and probably will when Fall rolls around.

Scott Elrod, looking for all the world like a slick developer. Which is, I guess, his prerogative.

Not normally a fan of the exposed zipper thing, but Alexandra Ella‘s sweet silhouette is a cute counterpoint.

I know Jon Heder‘s probably sick of Napoleon Dynamite associations, but obviously not-his-style jeans in a strange wash are not the way to overcome this.

A picture that could spawn a thousand speculative tabloid headlines.

[Images via Getty]

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