Ann Coulter Will Campaign For Hillary (If It's McCain)


Yesterday on Fox News, Ann Coulter told Hannity & Colmes she would support Hillary Clinton in a general election against John McCain. She did that thing where she gave a little “face the facts, boys” nod and said, “Hillary’s our girl, Sean, because she’s more conservative than he is…” and on and on about how Hillary likes to torture Muslims and imprison Mexicans and surge all over the goddamn Middle East and doesn’t really take a stand on any of those pesky welfare state causes Comrade McCain holds so dear. But yeah, we’re thinking she’s just voting with her vagina, and her vagina is gay for Hillary. (“I was touched when she cried,” Ann even admits at one point!) (And yes she sounds like she is kidding but that’s just how she shows sincerity!)

Anyway, it took me back to that time Ann said it was a “pipe dream” of hers to strip women of the right to vote. See, ever since then, without even knowing it, this has sort of been my ultimate pipe dream. Inhale hard enough, and maybe your pipe dreams will come true too…

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