Ariana Grande to Bette Midler: Don't Come For Me Unless I Send For You

It’s the war of the Divas, everyone! With actual Diva Bette Midler and my brother’s favorite singer Ariana Grande squaring off to engage in the worst blood feud known to Hollywood. My brother is going to be so, so pissed.

Yesterday, news broke that Bette Midler was disapproving of Grande’s latest antics, suggesting that the singer and her high wholesome voice (also, what the fuck is Ariana Grande EVER saying?) didn’t have to slide around on lubricated couches (those sheets are probably sateen, which is the slidiest shit I have ever been on and totally not worth the $9.99 at Target) to become famous. Which, whatever, Middler can say whatever she wants, but Grande is also entitled to owning her sexuality and doing the music video she likes (even though her two big ones have been fairly awful) (which is not to say her songs are, because I love me some “Problem.”)


TMZ reports that Ariana is not pleased and is, in fact, shocked by the fact that Middler even has anything to say about her because before she was Winnie Sanderson, she was also very crude on stage. And Grande’s not wrong, Midler was more than just suggestive. I remember my parents once bought me a live CD (they had no idea I was gay) and we were listening to it together when The Divine Miss M. started talking about oral sex performed upon a female in public. So, maybe Ariana’s got a point?

Since the news, Grande has tweeted the following:

Be passive-aggressive all you want, because even if you’re right, you’re not going to beat Bette Midler, Grande. So stop now, before she eats you for breakfast!

Please do enjoy this cover of “Waterfalls” as you sit out the brewing diva storm.

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