Arizona's "Bonnie And Clyde" May Be Kissing Cousins


Arizona fugitives John McCluskey and Casslyn Welch think they’re the next Bonnie and Clyde — but they’re more like an evil White Stripes, since no one can agree on what their relationship is.

Welch apparently helped spring McCluskey and fellow convicts Tracy Province and David Renwick from a prison near Kingman, AZ on July 30. Province was arrested yesterday after he showed up at a church in Meeteetse, Wyoming (which sounds like a town Cornholio would really like) and proceeded to “mow and trim the church lawn” for $40 and a jacket (I am not making this up). However, Renwick, McCluskey, and Welch are still at large, and according to the Arizona Republic, McCluskey and Welch are now the “sole suspects” in the murder of two New Mexico vacationers.

US Marshal David Gonzales says the pair “consider themselves as Bonnie and Clyde,” and “They’ve taken the persona that this is some type of a movie and this is some type of a joke they are living. No good is going to come out of this.” What’s not clear is what relationship this twenty-first century Bonnie and Clyde have with one another. According to the Globe and Mail, “Welch is McCluskey’s fiancee and cousin.”The Republic is more demure, calling Welch “a woman authorities describe alternately as [McCluskey’s] fiancee and his cousin.” It’s unclear whether Welch will eventually be exposed as McCluskey’s ex-wife and drummer — for now the only people who know the truth are the fugitives themselves. They’re reportedly headed for Canada, where the Mounties are on high alert.

Fugitive Arizona Killer Caught After Visiting Wyoming Church [Arizona Republic]
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