Banana Slugs & Camilla The Chicken: Your Amazing Wedding Cake Toppers 

In Depth

Would you like to know what joy is? Joy is the three hours I spent cataloguing every single one of your funny, sweet, beautiful and incredibly imaginative cake toppers. There was something for everyone, and everyone is a winner. We’ve got a lot to cover, let’s get right to it.

Fantasy motifs were big. There were dragons and T-Rex couples and allosaurus and spinosaurus couples and dinosaurs and unicorns (dragons and unicorns also turned up)(horses and unicorns, too!)(just, so many dinosaurs) and robots (and more robots) and fairies and yetis and Cthulhu and a pair of World of Warcraft brides found one another (our Legend of Zelda bride also found some pals!)

Animals were also exceedingly popular. There were chickens and otters and seashells and starfish and owls and llamas and goats and penguins and polar bears and pandas and lemurs and moose and flamingos and lizards and bunnies and duckies (duckies galore!) and mice and slightly terrifying cartoon bears and lovebirds made of paper and lovebirds made of stone and even an ostrich egg. A bear and a loon coupled up, as did a giraffe and a deer, a shark and a penguin. There was even a pair of banana slugs.

Elsewhere in the animal kingdom, there were dogs. So many, many, many dogs. And of course, some cats. Does Cookie Puss count as a cat? I think so!

The DIY brides were out in force, hand-painting and glittering and illustrating and shrinky-dinking and knitting and molding and shaping and modeling and sculpting and carving and sprucing up vintage toppers and even 3-D printing. DIY grooms too! Letters were big.

Sports and pop culture references were, unsurprisingly, quite common. There were loads of Simpsons toppers. Transformers, South Park, Ghost Rider, Buffy, WALL-E, She-Ra, Adventure Time, Eeyore, X-Files, Totoro and Futurama also turned up and, naturally with this crowd, a TARDIS (or two). Star Wars popped up more than a few times, as did pop culture couples Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth, Kermit and Miss Piggy (twice!)(AS DID CAMILLA THE CHICKEN OH MY GOD)(if that’s not Camilla don’t tell me, okay?), Thor and Sif, Jack and Sally, and Ken and Barbie. One couple even had a photo of themselves done up in the style of Disney’s Haunted Mansion portraits. (Speaking of portraits, this one gets bonus points for good humor!) Other Disney motifs included The Little Mermaid and mouse ears. Over in the wide world of sports, hockey was popular as were bobble heads, rock climbers, marathoners, marching band members, roller girls (more than one!), car racers, LAX players, boaters and chess players. There was even a Seahawks cake and a biplane cake stand. Where were you people when I was asking about your sports-themed weddings?!?!

There were tons of twists and turns on the traditional bride and groom figuresreally, so very very very many that I just keep adding the wordveryso I’d have more words to link to, just keeping it real with you guys.

In closing, WHOOP WHOOP!

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