Beauty 101: "I Would Love Some Simple Advice On Skincare"


By popular demand, our Beauty 101 series is focusing on all aspects of skincare this week, from acne to dry skin to rosacea to eczema and beyond:

It should be noted that those with severe skin issues are probably better off seeing a dermatologist, though several commenters requested a skincare thread to help with the basics or to perhaps hold them over until they could get an appointment (or, in some cases, to avoid appointments altogether), asking the following questions:

How about a post on skin issues: basic skincare, exfoliating, facials, masks, when to see the dermatologist, etc.?
Maybe a skin care 101.
Salicylic Acid makes my skin freak out but it is in just about any anti-pimple/acne treatment. I have found a few but nothing can really handle the tiny breakouts on my forehead [my answer was bangs.]
My skin isn’t horrible but it freaks out easily. I tried sensitive skin moisturizers and oh freak out. Bare Escentuals, RareMinerals… freak out.
I looking for some product or regimen ideas because I am tired of throwing out products and wasting my time and money.
I’d like to request skincare tips too! what is the deal with eye cream? am i meant to be using it? and oh my god don’t get me started on when articles use words like “pro-retino-peptide-anti-aging-collagen-flavanoids”. It freaks me out. I need a verdict. Also, night cream? is that really necessary?
Skin care! I have intensely dry skin and it seriously flakes between my eyebrows. seriously, it’s like I have dandruff on my face.
I would like to echo the requests for skin care tips. I have trouble with facial cleansers/moisturizers because if I wash with a cleanser too often, my skin gets dried out and red and irritated but it also gets really oily and break-out-y if I use too much moisturizer. Tips on particular products would be helpful, especially cheap(er) products, because I am a poor college student.
I see some commenters are requesting a skincare thread, and if one is coming up, I have a question to add. My husband has rosacea, but he won’t bother to go to a dermatologist about it. He would be willing to use a product on it (even an expensive one), as long as he could just go to a store and pick it up. What would you suggest? I’ve seen makeup that will hide redness, but since he’s a guy, that’s a no go.
I would love some simple advice on skincare for next week’s Beauty 101. It seems like whenever I go into a Sephora, I get a headache just from thinking about all of the many options, most of which seem to be directed towards anti-aging (usually involving a rich, putrid-smelling cream of some sort) or “resurfacing” (nasty peels that make me look like I’ve been sunburned).
It would be awesome to hear simple, tried-and-true advice from fellow commenters on basics like washing, moisturizing, whether or not facials are worth it, what to do about acne, etc.
Can we expand the skincare topic beyond the face?
How do people deal with those little bumps all over their arms and legs? I’m not sure how to describe them, other than “little bumps” — for me, they’re on my upper arms, upper back, and outer thighs. I’ve tried lotions, exfoliants, etc., etc., and would love to avoid a trip to the dermatologist if possible. Anyone have a suggestion?
Any tips for getting rid of really small whiteheads that are contained in one place (the space between my chin and lips) that never go away and just plain clogged/large pores (on my nose)? I wash my face twice daily with clinique’s anti-acne stuff and yet I can’t seem to get clear skin for the life of me.
My face is really prone to breakouts, although (usually) I can keep them under control, if I’m vigilant. Would you recommend exfoliating for someone who has temperamental skin? Sometimes I feel like if I could just scrub all the crap out really good my problems would be solved, but I also don’t want to make things worse by irritating my already irritated skin.

To summarize:

1. How do I treat acne without drying out my skin?

2. What is a good basic skincare regimen to start with?

3. Is there any real difference between day cream, night cream, and eye cream? Do I need all of them?

4. How do I cover redness/irritation/rosacea? What are some strategies to reduce redness in my skin?

5. How can I soothe dry skin/eczema?

6. How can I treat acne on places other than my face?

7. How do I treat clogged pores?

8. How often should I exfoliate/use masks/get facials?

9. How do I deal with oily skin?

10. Are there any natural/chemical free ways of treating my skin?

Think you can help? Leave your tips in the comments below, or email them to me with “Skin Care” in the subject line. I can’t use every comment or email, but I appreciate all of them!

A roundup of tips and tricks will be posted tomorrow.

[Image via Natalie Dee.]

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