Beer Bellies For Breast Cancer? Yeah, We'll Drink To That


We’ve been feeling both upset and really skeptical ever since the news broke that having more than one drink a day increases the risk of breast cancer. So we were curious to get a look at the Feel Your Boobies bar crawl last night in New York. Feel Your Boobies is an awareness movement started by Leigh Hurst, who was diagnosed with cancer at the age 33. “We’re just taking the message out to places that we’ve already identified young women will be: in bars…it’s about awareness, not drinking” said Hurst when we asked her if she wasn’t at all worried about the irony inherent in associating boozing with breast cancer. But there was plenty of drinking going on at the party, much of it done by folk who were more than willing to let us feel them up or give themselves a little pat down and let our very own Nikola Tamindzic document the process. A gallery of the guests and their mammaries begins, below.

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