Behold the Odd and Just OK Looks Celebrities Wore at the People’s Choice Awards

Feast your eyes on Halle Berry in a space diaper, Becky G's jaguar butt, and Paris Jackson as one very sexy wench.

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Image: Amy Sussman (Getty Images)

On Tuesday night, the stars gathered to find out which of them is actually the most popular at the 2021 People’s Choice Awards.

The show, which aired on NBC and E! simultaneously, took place in Santa Monica and was hosted by Kenan Thompson. Dwayne Johnson to won a bunch of stuff, as always, like Male Movie Star of 2021 and Comedy Movie Star of 2021 and People’s Champion Award. How boring. I haven’t been excited about The Rock since Moana came out, but I also didn’t vote in this particular election so perhaps the joke is on me.

Kim Kardashian won a Fashion Icon award, thanking ex-husband Kanye West “for really introducing me to the fashion world” while Marvel properties struggled carrying trophies back to their car. I’m reminded that we’re destined to watch miniscule variations of the same plot until we die or until everyone’s second favorite Chris can no longer fill out his Captain America suit. Oh, and Christina Aguilera got the inaugural Music Icon Award.

I was expecting a little bit more eccentric fashion from all the rich people, but then again, People’s Choice is no Met Gala. Have at it.

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