Bethenny Frankel Will Help Your Baby Lose The Weight


CafePress is a business that allows pretty much anyone to slap something stupid on a coffee mug and sell it. They also have strategic partnerships, it would seem, allowing for the promotion of a brand. Like Bethenny Frankel’s SkinnyGirl.

Which is fine, actually. Whether you agree with the industry or not, there’s nothing inherently wrong with Frankel running a business that peddles diet margarita recipes and cardboard-esque muffins, nor is there something deeply offensive about calling it SkinnyGirl. Capitalism allows for these things, after all! And hell, Bethenny is one of the more likable and intelligent individuals to come out of Bravo’s Character Farm.

However, if you’re going to pick from CafePress’s many options of blank hoodies, stickers, posters, underwear and God knows what else upon which you want to print the name of your brand, and your brand is actually uses the word “skinny” in its name — maybe you want to avoid the onesie option?

I know, I know. Babies are fat. They really are. They’re totally gross, what with their sweet-smelling little rolls of baby fat creating adorable muffin tops that uncontrollably spill over their diapers. Honestly, how does a baby even look at itself in the mirror that’s hanging over the crib? So yes, I suppose babies need Bethenny’s help.

But broadcasting a baby’s fat condition, however lamentable it may be, by emblazoning it across her chest is simply an unnecessary amount of pressure at such a young age. Save it for when she’s in preschool with her peers and can compare herself to all the other Future SkinnyGirls in her group. And in the meantime, how about an “I Love Margaritas” onesie? It’ll get the little gal headed in the right direction.

Bethenny Frankel’s Holiday Picks [CafePress]
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