Britney Banned From Going Braless; Lady Gaga Wants Plastic Surgery

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  • Britney Spears‘ dad has banned her from leaving home without a bra.

According to this report, he’s embarrassed by “constant pictures of her nipples popping out of her clothes.” Jamie Spears has threatened to fire one of Brit’s security guards who has let her be photographed braless. This just seems cringe-worthy for all parties involved. []

  • Lady Gaga allegedly wants plastic surgery to combat her depression about her looks. A source says: “She’s thinking about a whole host of cosmetic procedures, including a nose job, cheek implants, boob job and thigh and bum lift. She’s completely preoccupied with overhauling her looks.” Ugh. Does she have the dreaded Heidi Montag-itis? [HollyScoop]
  • Oprah‘s 82-year-old Aunt Katherine — who supposedly told biographer Kitty Kelley who Oprah’s real father is — is denying everything. “Kitty Kelley misquoted me” regarding knowing who Oprah’s father is, says Aunt Katherine. “How could I know?” She also says: “I’m sorry this book portraying [Oprah] falsely was ever written and that I participated by answering questions.” [NY Post]
  • The internet rumor that Elizabeth Taylor is hospitalized is just that — a rumor. She is actually about to leave L.A. to go on vacation in Europe. And she’s launching a new fragrance. [CNN]
  • Will Kristen Stewart replace Angelina Jolie in the sequel to Wanted? [E!]
  • In a video interview at the link, Michael Lohan — on his way to his lawyer’s office — talks about his decision to storm into Lindsay Lohan‘s condo on Thursday with sheriff’s deputies. “I just want Ali to be okay. I want her out of this situation and I want Lindsay to get help. That’s what I want.” He claims that he was worried about Ali being “exposed to Coachella,” and asked, “Is Lindsay a mentor for Ali at this point?” [Radar Online]
  • Michael Lohan says he will back off of trying to get Lindsay into a conservatorship if she and Ali will sit down and meet with him — without their mother or any lawyers getting involved. [TMZ]
  • Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan is a suspect in the theft of a $35,000 Rolex watch. [TMZ]
  • Madonna has upset her neighbors in the Hamptons by calling in contractors to plant 500 green bushes around her property in order to get some privacy. Apparently it’s a noisy business, and a source says: “No one cares about the shrubs, but the workers are another matter!” [Daily Express]
  • “EXCLUSIVE: Doug Reinhardt Spent $2 Million On Paris Hilton Over 18 months!” [Radar Online]
  • Johnny Depp will be touring with British rockers Babybird, playing guitar with the band at gigs in June and July. He’ll have former special armed forces guys as security. [The Sun]
  • Michelle “Bombshell” McGee says: “I would like to sit down with Sandra and speak one-on-one. I’d let her ask me questions, and I would be honest and open with her about the affair. If that would help her heal, I would do it.” [HuffPo]
  • Meanwhile, Jesse James‘ Vanilla Gorilla chopper motorcycle — his prized possession — is for sale on eBay. [TMZ]
  • Jon Gosselin may have stated on Twitter that he’d fired his lawyer, but the lawyer says he contacted the court and his “name was still on the file.” He adds: “As an officer of the court I need to protect my client and I don’t want Jon to be left in grave prejudice – I don’t want to see him hurt.” [Radar Online]
  • Jaimee Grubbs, one of the ladies who had an affair with Tiger Woods, tried to hang out with a bunch of hockey players at a bar the other night. They asked her to leave. [E!]
  • Ashton Kutcher spoke at a new-media event the other day, and since he is an angel investor in Foursquare, a source joked: “He’s a better tech guru than actor.” [Page Six]
  • Chace Crawford was stranded in London due to volcanic ash and made the most of it by “romancing” a British actress named Tessa. [Page Six]
  • FYI: While in Miami, the ladies of Jersey Shore have been rocking tiny bikinis and carrying cocktails in plastic cups. [Gatecrasher]
  • Jersey Shore‘s Ronnie has been making out with “grenades” behind Sammi‘s back. (I thought they weren’t together?) [Radar Online]
  • Christina Ricci is the latest celeb to have tax issues; she owes the IRS about $179K. [TMZ]
  • What will become of Two And A Half Men? Sources say that without Charlie Sheen, there is no show. “If Charlie doesn’t come back, that’s the end of the series.” [Radar online]
  • A Time magazine gala in May will feature Prince, Taylor Swift and Andy Samberg. The Time 100 issue focuses on “the most influential people in the world,” including Sarah Palin, Ben Stiller, Simon Cowell and President Obama. [Page Six]
  • Hulk Hogan is suing the Wells Fargo Southeast insurance company, claiming it left his $30 million fortune in jeopardy when his son Nick had a car crash in 2007.” [Gatecrasher via TMZ]
  • Michelle Rodriguez DJ’d a private party in NYC celebrating a “lesbian lifestyle magazine.” [Page Six]
  • Vivica Fox is debuting a line of wigs! Check ’em out here. [Gatecrasher, PopCrunch]
  • Kids love Mike Myers. [NYDN]
  • “An exclusive Malibu rehab facility has filed a claim against Casey Johnson‘s estate — a claim that would wipe out all of her assets.” [TMZ]
  • In a series of e-mails, Survivor producer Bruce Beresford-Redman details an affair he had and expresses anger at his wife, who was found murdered in Cancun two weeks ago. Authorities are looking into whether the emails shed light on the case. [NY Post, NYDN]
  • A psychotherapist and relationship expert has analyzed Bruce Beresford-Redman‘s emails, and diagnosed him a pathological liar and a narcissist. [Radar Online]
  • Congrats to Amanda Peet, who just gave birth to a girl, Molly June Benioff, on Monday. [Us Magazine]
  • “My husband picked up the phone and I said ‘I know you’re in bed with Liz Taylor‘: Debbie Reynolds on the pain of losing her husband.” Reynolds says: “Eddie had been best man at their wedding and I had been a bridesmaid. We saw a lot of each other and I never suspected that she was going to entice my husband away.” [Daly Mail]
  • Q: If you were to retire, what would you do with your time? Jeff Garlin, Curb Your Enthusiasm star and co-producer: “Nap and eat puddin’.” [Mental Floss]
  • Q: What comedians inspired you to go into comedy? Sarah Silverman: “Steve Martin. I was so in love with him. I read that he loved this painter David Hockney, and so I sent away for a calendar of David Hockney paintings. I was this little girl in New Hampshire with these paintings of gay men in swimming pools all over because Steve Martin liked them.” [Time]
  • “I think people expect that I’m going to be funny all the time. I do like to be silly – I’m not this brooding, serious person off camera. But [sometimes] I’m just trying to have a conversation. I’ll say to a friend, ‘I love your dress,’ and they’ll go, ‘F___ you!’ I’m just trying to tell you I like your dress. People’s defenses are up [around me] or something.” — Sarah Silverman. [Time]
  • “He’s doing really great. I left him on homework duty – so he’s there right now finishing off the homework as I had to rush out. It’s incredible to have him home, he’s happy to be home… He’s hobbling around the house, poor thing.” — Victoria Beckham on husband David Beckham. [Mirror]
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