Brooklyn Beckham, Nicola Peltz Held Gallingly Lavish Wedding After ‘Slave-Labor’ Protests Against Her Dad

A week before the extravagant nuptials took place, hundreds of migrant workers were protesting Peltz's billionaire father over human rights violations.

Brooklyn Beckham, Nicola Peltz Held Gallingly Lavish Wedding After ‘Slave-Labor’ Protests Against Her Dad
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Vogue has annointed the union of amateur photographer and chef Brooklyn Beckham and actress (aka billionaire Trump supporter’s daughter) Nicola Peltz a “21st century romance,” which, sure, I guess they did meet in this century. Their wedding, however, was a truly galling, obscene display of wealth, just one week after hundreds of migrant workers protested “modern day slavery” and various human rights violations outside of Nelson Peltz’s $23 million Palm Beach office.

Beckham and Pelz sealed the deal at the Peltz family’s 13-acre Palm Beach Florida estate—reportedly worth an estimated $123 million. In the days leading up to the $3 million event, the family was spotted joyriding in matching Maseratis. Guests included Venus and Serena Williams, Eva Longoria, Gordon Ramsay and three former Spice Girls—Scary, Sporty, and Posh, naturally. The bride wore Valentino couture, and the groom wore a Dior suit with a chain of emerald-cut diamonds by Anita Ko, gifted to him by his new in-laws.

We all know who the Beckhams are, but Peltz’s parentage may be more of a mystery to many. Often billed as a “hedgefund manager,” the 79-year-old businessman got his start delivering fresh produce and frozen food to New York restaurants for his father’s company, A. Peltz & Sons, after he dropped out of The Wharton School. Fifteen years later, Peltz and his brother grew the business, gradually acquiring food companies before eventually selling it in lieu of acquiring and investing in other businesses in the food industry, including Snapple, Quaker Oats, Pepsi-Co, Heinz and Wendy’s, where Peltz is currently chairman of the Board.

Under Peltz’s helm, Wendy’s has been long-known as one of the only fast-food chains in the country that’s yet to sign on to what’s called The Fair Food Program, a widespread partnership among farmers, farmworkers, and retail food companies that ensures humane wages and working conditions for the migrant workers who harvest the crops sold to retailers. The Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW), the worker-based human rights organization who authored The Fair Food Program, have spent several years lobbying Peltz in an effort to get his signature. McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, Whole Foods, Walmart and others have already participated in the program for years. In contrast, Peltz has repeatedly refused to meet with anyone from the CIW.

Working conditions for the migrant farm workers who harvest the produce that gets distributed to such corporations have been likened to modern-day “slavery” with workers falling prey to criminally-low wages, sexual assault and harassment and a myriad of injustices. But considering Peltz’s political affiliations, his flagrant lack of regard for the farmworkers fueling at least one of his businesses doesn’t exactly come as a surprise.

Peltz is an admitted Trump-supporter, who in 2020, went so far as to throw him a re-election fundraiser at the very estate three-fifths of the Spice Girls just enjoyed. He also recently bragged to CNBC that he speaks with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-Hell) on a weekly basis and that the pair have been friends for 10 years.

“Joe is the most important guy in DC, maybe the most important guy in America today,” Peltz said.

In an effort to not entirely be a cartoon villain, according to Vogue, Peltz was among the wedding attendees who obliged to the bride and groom’s request to donate to the people of Ukraine via the humanitarian agency Care. A “significant” donation on Peltz’s part was no-so-subtly noted in the write-up.

Beckham’s Instagram post from the weekend affair would indicate that he appears to have taken the Peltz name. While many would likely say they couldn’t blame him—even with the “mother and father of all prenups,” I can’t help but wonder if he knew what, apart from dollar signs, is also attached it.

Fortunately, if it doesn’t work out, he’ll always have a career in breakfast sandwich artistry.

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