Carrie Prejean, Determined To Prove Perez Hilton Right

Carrie Prejean went to church yesterday and then sat down with Rex Wockner – a LGBT blogger who isn’t Perez Hilton – for an interview that proves her media savvy… and lack of gay friends.

Wockner, whose bio says he’s been reporting for LGBT outlets for 25 years, conducted a long interview with Prejean and, in between her stock answers about being sandbagged by Hilton and belief that marriage is a religious institution meant for a man and a woman, manages to get out the real reason she doesn’t believe in gay marriage:

Rex: I understand that you were raised to believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, and I understand that you grew up knowing that you were always going to marry a guy, but you’re heterosexual. Um, some people are born gay, maybe, you think?
Carrie: No, I don’t think so.
Rex: OK, so now we’re getting somewhere.
Carrie: I think it’s a behavior that develops over time.
Rex: Why would someone choose it, given that if you choose that, you get discriminated against?
Carrie: Um, because obviously Perez Hilton doesn’t think that there’s anything wrong with it.
Rex: No, but if being gay is a choice, rather than something you’re born with, why would you choose something that’s going to lead to your being discriminated against? What would be the motivation?
Carrie: I’m not sure what the motivation would be.

That “behavior” is not loving someone of the same sex, or being attracted to people of the same sex; Prejean is strictly talking about sexual acts. In Prejean’s apparently very limited mind, if you just randomly decide that you love discrimination and have no moral compass, you can train yourself to engage in and (one assumes) eventually even enjoy sex acts with people of the same sex, and thus you are a homosexual.

Yes, Prejean just reduced LGBT Americans to the actions of their genitals. Sexuality is, apparently, about intercourse — if you’re gay. It’s a choice rooted utterly in “behavior” rather than anything more innate — which, naturally, doesn’t apparently apply to heterosexuality. Heterosexuality can manage to encompass to whom one is innately attracted and with whom one chooses to spend one’s life with, and the feelings of love and attachment one has for another person. Homosexuality, though, that’s just behavior.What a revolting point of view.

Pam Spaulding at Pandagon has a response that’s a lot nicer than the one rattling around my head.

This makes it obvious that she doesn’t have close friends who are gay or lesbian and in committed relationships back home. Same-sex couples simply want all the legal rights that Prejean would have if and when she chooses to marry sometime down the road. That they could decide to marry someone of the opposite sex (something always tossed out by the right), would not change the fact that who we partner with is about who we love-and the desire to nurture and legally protect that relationship-not about coddling the anti-gays by closeting one’s self in a heterosexual fraud marriage, or submitting to “reparative therapy.”

Prejean swears she has gay friends, though.

What Prejean also has now, according to Dan Gilgoff at U.S. News & World Report, is a new PR flack — Christian PR guru A. Larry Ross. Ross is a close friend of Prejean’s pastor, Miles McPherson, who yesterday gave Prejean her own metaphorical crown., anointing her the new Queen Esther (man, is Sarah Palin gonna be pissed to lose that one) because, apparently, announcing herself as an idiotic, reflexively anti-gay American will save her chosen people (other idiotic, reflexively anti-gay Americans) from total annihilation at the hands of the Persians. Or something.

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