Cary Fukunaga's TV Show The Alienist Looks Like Gilded Age True Detective


TNT has debuted a trailer for The Alienist, executive produced by True Detective’s Cary Fukunaga and starring Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans and Dakota Fanning. And honestly, it looks a lot like Gilded Age True Detective! Crossed with Sherlock Holmes, of course.

Based on Caleb Carr’s bestselling 1994 novel, Variety says the show follows an early clinical psychologist, a.k.a. an alienist, a newspaper illustrator, and a secretary at police headquarters investigating a string of gruesome murders. The overlaps with the HBO series are numerous: The serial killer. The deeply upsetting child sexual abuse and murder. The pair of dudes who seem to be in tension over a woman who seems to have more going on than their pissing contest. Time spent in the corridors of power with the suggestion that all is not as it seems. And of course the gothic vibe. It’s just all been transported to the vice-ridden New York City of 1896.

All in all, this looks more along the dark-and-serious lines of The Knick than any of the lusty costume dramas coming out of the UK lately. That’s in keeping with the subject matter, but could we maybe get Luke Evans in something soon where he’s basically reprising his Gaston? Please?

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