Channing Tatum Has Popped, Locked, and Dropped Back Into Jessie J's Arms!

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Channing Tatum Has Popped, Locked, and Dropped Back Into Jessie J's Arms!
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Can you hear it— the collective wailing of thousands of prospective brunettes across Los Angeles upon reading the news that Channing Tatum is back together with Jessie J? Their sad dirge haunts me, even from some 3000 miles away, and fills me with an indescribable longing. Will those mourners ever find comfort? Unlikely. But, Raya is a bustling app, and I’m sure they’ll end up with some rich and famous dude eventually!

E! reports that love is indeed alive, and Tatum has decided to reconcile with Jenna Dewan lookalike Jessie J, who in her own way, spawned thousands of copycats across Los Angeles eager to sidle up to her recently-reclaimed man. A source tells the outlet: “They took a few weeks apart but ultimately decided they really care about each other.” Which is good, I guess, because when the couple first split in December, sources told People: “Channing and Jessie have different priorities and focuses that don’t really align. They had a fun relationship, but it just didn’t work out.”

What do you think it was that made her heart oh, so sad when he was gone? Tatum’s predisposition for baseball hats, or maybe his itchy looking goatee? Their rekindling certainly wasn’t because Tatum was at a loss to find another person who vaguely resembles Jenna Dewan, considering this helpful list I made him. Perhaps it was the silence that overwhelmed his mansion when she left—her pipes sure know how to fill a room! [E!]

Again, I ask: Why would anyone tell Wendy Williams their business? Since we last checked in with these feuding BFFs, Wendy had accidentally told the entire country that NeNe Leakes was gearing up to exit the Real Housewives of Atlanta. NeNe fired back shortly after, accusing Wendy of breaking girl code:

TMZ reports that soon after the tweet was sent, NeNe and Wendy “chopped it up” on the phone and came to the understanding that “NeNe’s most important secret remained under wraps.” Because of this, sources claim they are the “closest of friends” still.

If you remember, I wrote yesterday that exit rumors are a fantastic way to bolster contract negotiations—if you play them smartly, at least. This is not the first time NeNe has come under scrutiny in recent months for possibly leaving RHOA: she skipped over half the first cast trip, has claimed she doesn’t speak to her fellow cast members, and didn’t appear in the first two episodes of the most recent season. If Bravo execs were looking for ways to entice her into sticking around, this could have been a great opportunity to get some leverage.

“Could have” is the operative word here, considering NeNe and Wendy blew their cover. Here is exactly what TMZ reported this morning: “The ladies chopped it up about Wendy’s TV segment and came to an agreement — which is that NeNe’s most important secret remained under wraps. So, bottom line is they’re still the closest of friends.” Spilling secrets about your “close friend” to a viewership of millions isn’t something NeNe has ever shown herself capable of immediately bouncing back from, not if that “secret”—NeNe’s exit— was of any importance to her. What’s actually happening here, I think, is that NeNe seeded a storyline for herself through Wendy, to maintain interest in her arc on the show and convince viewers there is bigger, more interesting things to come for her on RHOA. Just a thought! [TMZ]

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