Charles Barkley Makes the Mistake of Calling San Antonio Women Ugly


During TNT’s coverage of the NBA playoffs, cueball-headed flesh mountain Charles Barkley expressed some opinions on the physical attractiveness of San Antonio women that did not go over very well with actual San Antonio women. And so TNT sent out an Inside the NBA camera crew and a female commentator to gather what San Antonio’s women think of Charles Barkley.

Granted, a lot of these women’s ostensibly off-the-cuff sick burns sound like they’re just repeated lines a quick-witted producer jotted down (not that there’s no way these women are funny and can come up with this stuff on their own; it’s the cadence of the lines’ delivery. A few of these sound almost robotic).

Barkley’s crapping on the city of San Antonio (especially its female residents) is a longstanding joke that’s spanned years. His original comments in this particular shitstorm occurred on Monday, when the former Phoenix Sun said that San Antonio is a repository for “big ol’ women,” that the city is a “gold mine for Weight Watchers” and that “Victoria is definitely a secret” in that city (because fat).

The enormous man in the ill-fitting suit clarified in the followup broadcast that he didn’t mean to say that all women in San Antonio are fat, but that it must have taken the camera crew all day to find five skinny women.

Some women in San Antonio are upset, while others literally could not give two shits whether or not Charles Barkley wants to fuck them.

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