Chloë Sevigny—Pregnant!

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Chloë Sevigny—Pregnant!
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Chloë Sevigny—or, the Spirit of New York that inhabits Chloë Sevigny—is pregnant. Wow! This is the frequent fashion muse and girl-about-town’s first child, who will one day inherit the fashion throne that Chloë Sevigny has ruled with an iron grip and endless step-and-repeats since the ’90s! I had something else to say about this… but got distracted thinking about all the one-of-a-kind Louis Vuitton for Babies this kid is gonna wear!

TMZ reports that Sevigny is expecting with partner Sinisa Mackovic. The two announced the news the classic way: Paparazzi photos of him excitedly rubbing her growing stomach in pregnant, like normal people do frequently. The outlet also explains—via Sevigny’s publicist, no doubt—that she is currently five months into the pregnancy. Amazing!

I should also point out, per The Sun, that Mackovic is the director of swanky New York art gallery Karma. Because of this, one can expect that the elite art and fashion world the couple orbit has already begun the blood sacraments to prepare for the coming of the newest It Kid. I’m looking forward to all the Miu Miu it will definitely wear, as well as its Mugler christening gown and Loewe school uniform. Maybe we’ll even be lucky enough to see its archival Vivienne Westwood moment on the steps of the Met Ball by the time it’s old enough to walk. The fate of the fashion world depends on it!

Besides that—congrats to these two! It’s not every day you convince your man to walk down the streets of New York in split-hue denim and a Balenciaga-adjacent white trench coat to announce your pregnancy. (The photos were, unfortunately, too expensive to post here. Sad!) [TMZ]

Brad Pitt has an announcement, and would like everyone to be quiet and respect his space while he says it: “I’m just like, trash mag fodder. I don’t know… because of my disaster of a personal life, probably.” Because this is a sharing circle, and everyone’s feelings in it are valid, let’s please clap for Brad to let him know we receive what he has to say. Thanks for sharing, dude!

The announcement about his disastrous personal life was first shared on chaos merchant Marc Maron’s podcast, WTF with Marc Maron, alongside fellow Once Upon a Time… co-star Leonardo DiCaprio. Two famous people on a Los Angeles-based comedy podcast, hosted by a comedian? Normally I would run in the opposite direction. But as a self-described “trash mag,” I can’t help but endlessly hound after Brad Pitt’s personal life. Yes, I absolutely rolled my eyes during Pitt and DiCaprio’s storytime about becoming incredibly rich and famous. And yes, I could feel Marc Maron’s hot breath coming through my speakers for much longer than I would’ve liked. But it was worth it, you know? Because now I get to sit here, and type the words: Brad Pitt believes he is a trash monster, at last.

Oh, before anyone asks: I’ve heard no word on whether or not Jennifer Aniston’s longing stare at the Globes has been reciprocated, but something tells me I’ll probably be disappointed by the answer. [Us Weekly]

Need a laugh? Here are two photos of Vanessa Hudgens getting into a car while filming The Princess Switch: Switched Again, noticing the paparazzi, and trying to shield her face with a clutch. I’m happy to see—by the look of it—that the original hair, makeup, and wardrobe artists have all returned from the previous movie in the Belgravia Extended Cinematic Christmas Universe! [Just Jared]

The true mark of any famous offspring, who are generally leeches on the health and wellness of the society they inhabit, is that so often they dedicate their lives to acting incredibly foolish in public. I’m happy to report that Chet Hanks is getting what he desires most—10 minutes in the spotlight for looking like a complete waste of the millions he’s spent of his inheritance!

  • Speaking of Brad, Goop claims she has “no bad blood” with the dude. [People]
  • We’re living in the worst timeline, because the HFPA are considering bringing back Amy Poehler and Tina Fey as the hosts for the 2021 ceremony. (I have a sneaking suspicion that one of their publicists planted this story after Gervais’s disastrous performance Sunday night, but let me not spread any more unnecessary rumors this morning!) [Page Six]
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  • I can’t stop thinking about Kate Beckinsale probably sleeping with original flavor Pete Davidson, Machine Gun Kelly. [The Blast]
  • Janet Mock will be honored at the 31st GLAAD Awards. [People]
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