Chris Wallace Hopes Sarah Palin Will Sit On His Lap On Sunday


Sarah Palin is a regular Fox News contributor, but not much has changed since Rich Lowry saw starbursts and Bill Kristol called her his heartthrob. Fox Sunday show anchor Chris Wallace expressed his fond fantasies in Imus’s safe space.

Wallace says he’s thrilled to have the ever-elusive Palin on the show Sunday, at which point Imus asks if the interview will be conducted with Palin on Wallace’s lap. “One can only hope,” chuckles Wallace. Given Palin’s interest in calling out what she sees as sexism, is it too much to hope that her new colleagues will be next on the list of targets?

Yeah, it probably is.

Wallace On Whether Palin Will Be “Sitting On [His] Lap” During Interview: “One Can Only Hope” [Media Matters]

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