Ciara's New Video Is a Highly Sexual Ode to Celibacy 


Ciara just released a music video for “Dance Like We’re Making Love,” which is much more entertaining in light of the fact that she and Seattle Seahawks boyfriend Russell Wilson have recently decided to keep it in their pants for God.

Who am I if Ciara, goddess of sex, isn’t having sex? More importantly, who is Ciara? The answer is unclear. This video features many, many hints of sexy nudity, one lion, partnered ballroom dancing, some aggressive product placement, and, around the 3:40 mark, what appears to be a complete carbon copy of Charlize Theron’s J’Adore Dior fragrance commercials.

The dancing is expert quality, as we can generally expect from Ciara, but as a stand-in for intercourse, I am not so sure! So let’s all take a moment to revisit the crown jewel of Ciara videos—I’m talking about “Ride,” obviously—and remember a time when Ciara was sexually active, and, perhaps not coincidentally, really did dance like she was making love.

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