Cops Can't Stop Trying to Arrest Widow's Dead Husband


A Brooklyn woman can’t stop police from barging into her home to arrest her dead husband.

According to a lawsuit filed Monday in Brooklyn Federal Court, police have shown up at Karen Fennell’s home least four times in the past year with warrants for her husband. She was so frustrated she even posted his death certificate on her front door, which did little to stop them. Via The New York Daily News:

James E. Jordan, a former security guard who suffered from diabetes, died at 48 on March 17, 2006, but cops just won’t let the man — or his family — rest in peace, said lawyer Ugochukwu Uzoh. Jordan’s wife, Karen Fennell, claims in the suit that cops came by most recently around Easter, and like so many times before, they barged into her apartment on Sumner Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant without a warrant.

Fennel’s lawyer said he couldn’t confirm the open warrant for her husband. He also said he doesn’t know what the original offense was that caused them to get a warrant. The lawsuit also alleges that since the cops can’t arrest a dead man, they turned their attention to Jordan’s son:

Last July during one of the allegedly illegal searches, cops arrested Jordan’s son James Jr. and his friend Anthony Solis for possession of a pocket knife, according to Uzoh. The criminal charges were later dismissed.
“While at the precinct, James was interrogated by defendant officers, who kept asking James to provide them with information concerning drugs and guns in his neighborhood and concerning certain individuals who James doesn’t even know,” the suit states.

Since filing the lawsuit, Fennel has removed his death certificate from her door because it contains personal information. Both Fennel and Jordan’s son are suing for unspecified monetary damages. The NYPD had no comment on the story.

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