Court Rules Ladies' Nights To Be Acceptable, Of Course


Judge Roslynn Mauskopf seemed barely able to hold in her laughter yesterday in her decision rejecting Roy Den Hollander‘s appeal against club owners for Ladies’ Nights. Poor Russian wife-abusing, Women’s Studies’ program-suing, young-lady-preying Roy! Feminist judges are conspiring against him.

First Judge Miriam Cedarbaum rejected claims against several New York City clubs, saying he had failed to prove that they had any connection with the state. (He denounced Cedarbaum as “a feminist.”) And now Mauskopf has ruled against his appeal, despite the fact that “without action on our part, (he) paints a picture of a bleak future, where ‘none other than what’s left of the Wall Street moguls’ will be able to afford to attend nightclubs.”

Den Hollander has described his life’s goal as “in my own small way, trying to give all those feminists equality — not the equality of all the best in life, but the equality of the worst in life.” In 2007, Den Hollander described his case to The New Yorker in the following way:

“What I think will happen,” he said, “is that clubs will reduce the price for guys and increase it for girls. Every guy will have ten or fifteen more dollars in his pocket, which the girls will then manipulate into getting more drinks out of him. If they drink more, they’ll have more fun, and so will us guys. And then when she wakes up in the morning she’ll be able to do what she always does: blame the man.”

Mauskopf also wrote, “We find Den Hollander’s pleadings so lacking that even under a lesser standard, he has failed to allege state action.” Clearly she’s also an evil feminist bonerkiller — especially if she finds anything about Den Hollander lacking.

Update: Here’s another realm in which Den Hollander — an attorney — is lacking: basic civics, fairly relevant to his cause. He says he wants to go to the Supreme Court, except that he expects the women on the bench would decline to hear the case. He “named Justice Sonia Sotomayor and referred to ‘the other one… She just got onto the Supreme Court. I forget her name. Kagan or something.'”

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