Crap Email From A Crazy


The good news is that we actually read the e-mails you guys send in. The bad news? Sometimes we receive messages so twisted, angry and incoherent that they boggle the mind. But! Silver lining! Sometimes they’re also unintentionally hilarious. Join us in a hearty chuckle, after the jump. Bonus points if you can figure out what this woman is upset about.

Found your website while extremely bored, and the first question that comes to mind is “Are you serious about this piece of crap site”?
Talk about a bunch of frustrated, sexually ambigious confused feminists…although I did get a good laugh at some of the posts. I won’t be back of course, but I just wanted to take the time to let you know the disdain that I look upon what your type has done to women everywhere. We are NOT all a bunch of whining, man hating, Hillary sucking feminist windbags. Thank God I have a husband and family, because obviously the alternative is what I find here…and, The View is for retards and mental midgets…Whoopie Goldberg, are you fckng kidding me????

Eh, we’ve probably dodged a bullet with this one.

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