Dad Illustrates All the Bizarre, Wonderful Things His Daughter Says


A Nebraska man has created a pretty successful art business, thanks to Tumblr and the musings of his three-year-old daughter. Spaghetti Toes is an adorable Tumblr that highlights a dad’s attempts to capture the magic of those little kid-isms every parent knows and loves. Via Laughing Squid:

Omaha, Nebraska-based illustrator and father Martin Bruckner‘s three-year-old daughter Harper Grace has some insightful observations and an adorable way of describing things. Bruckner drew colorful illustrations to complement some of his daughter’s more memorable quotes and shared the results in Spaghetti Toes.

The Spaghetti Toes Tumblr (named for the time his wife told his daughter “don’t put spaghetti between your toes,” which is brilliant, life-changing advice) features lots of Bruckner’s illustrations and has made me fall completely in love with little Harper Grace:

“She was blasting this out in full 1980’s power ballad style in her room the other day,” said of the origin of the illustration below. “Cool song.”

“Not sure how make-believe got thrown in here but this would make for a fun battle,” he said of this one:

“Her grandmother had just given her a nice Nativity set and she wanted to take Mary with her everywhere. I wasn’t going to have to pick up a shattered Virgin Mary off of the organic fruit section floor.”

They have also completed a book (the natural evolution for any Tumblr) which is coming out soon. If you have kids that say unforgettably weird things that you wish to have immortalized as art, you can order a custom piece of quote-art at their Etsy store.

Images via Tumblr.

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