Delia's Is Dying, Will Live Forever in Our Hearts


Despite the fact that no vibes feel less escapable in retail currently than “the ’90s” and “teens,” it’s becoming clear that ’90s teen haven Delia’s (more precisely: dELIA*s) is facing its final days.

BuzzFeed reports that the company’s stock closed at 11 cents per share on Friday (in comparison, shares were selling for $11.43 in 2006) and that Delia’s is set to be delisted for lack of compliance with Nasdaq standards. Additionally:

It’s on the hunt for an acquirer after reporting that with the way its business is going, it won’t be able to meet its cash requirements for the next 12 months. Sales for the last four quarters have all been down by at least 20% over the previous year; executives said on an investor call in September that the chain will no longer provide earnings guidance.

It’s been rough in recent years for Delia’s, whose clothes now look like the messy corner at a suburban H&M but cost twice as much. You wonder if they’d have found a better niche just sticking with the ’90s jawns all the way through. I’d wear that ripstop maxi skirt, I’d truss my hair up with a rainbow of butterfly clips. I’ll wear a niiice square neckline to the funeral, RIP, ashes to ashes and Delia’s to dust.

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