Derek's Crying Sequence From Last Night's Bachelorette Was Pure Poetry


As mentioned last week, the team behind The Bachelor is gunning for an Emmy this year for their work on the show, but those ambitions are also showing elsewhere—specifically, in this season of their companion program, The Bachelorette. Nowhere was their hustle more obvious than in this clip from Monday night’s episode, which featured several minutes of one of JoJo’s rejected suitors crying, edited together with a woman singing “Don’t Cry For Me Argentina,” as JoJo and another man danced in each other’s arms. Beautiful. Cruel.

“JoJo, I’m the happiest man alive right now,” Chase says, having been chosen by her during a two-on-one date with Derek. Immediately following that, we see Derek, quietly crying in a car alone on his way to the airport, away from the beautiful city of Buenos Aires. “I thought this was my time to be happy. It’s not!” he says. Then later:

“Fuck! Why am I crying?”

In the time that has followed the taping of this scene, Derek seems to have recovered nicely, enough to throw out a halfway decent clapback at noted idiot Jenny McCarthy.

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