Ding Dong, Britney Spears’ Conservatorship is Officially Dead!

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Brenda Penny answered Spears' request to terminate and the 13-year-long arrangement is finally dissolved.

Ding Dong, Britney Spears’ Conservatorship is Officially Dead!
Photo:Alberto E. Rodriguez (Getty Images)

Britney Spears is finally free at last.

The princess of pop has finally been freed from the conservatorship that has kept her in a financial chokehold and limited her agency over her own life for the last 13 years. On November 12, Judge Brenda Penny ended the court-ordered arrangement during a hearing at Los Angeles Superior Court, noting it would be terminated as of that day.

The news comes after Spears made an impassioned plea to the court earlier this year, detailing how constricting the conservatorship was and how “traumatized” it left her. In some of the most horrifying moments of her speech before the court in June, Spears claimed she was the subject of abuse, had been put on lithium against her will, and was told she couldn’t remove her IUD in an effort to have more children.

Since then, Spears’ extremely controlling father and co-conservator Jamie Spears stepped down and later filed a petition for the arrangement to end.

Fans of Brit know that the pop star hasn’t been shy about sharing where she stands and how she’s been impacted by the conservatorship, particularly in the last year. She’s relied heavily on Instagram as a means of communicating with fans, often posting cryptic messages or videos where she sometimes calls out the shitty family members in her life who didn’t stand up for her when they perhaps had the chance.

Earlier this week, she even posted: “This week is gonna be very interesting for me! I haven’t prayed for something more in my life.” That Instagram has since been deleted.

Iconically, her only post (for now) since her freedom was won, was just this:

In the wake of the news breaking that she’s FINALLY, REALLY, TRULY FREE, Twitter and Instagram naturally exploded with praise and admiration for Spears as she embarks on this next stage of her life.

Fans even broke out into cheers and celebration in the streets:

We are so unbelievably ready for this new era of Britney so if you’ll excuse us, we need to go blast “Piece of Me” at full volume and scream with joy.

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