Do The Retro No-Pants Dance At Dolce & Gabbana


The Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2010 Ready to Wear collection hit the runways in Milan earlier today, providing us with some retro-inspired party dresses, see-through frocks, and proof that the no-pants trend isn’t over just yet:

I love this! It’s a bit Alice in Wonderland inspired, don’t you think? And naturally, it’s in velvet, the fabric of the season.

Sorry pants fans: the no-pants trend continues at D&G.

This is sort of like a non-cone-boobed version of what Madonna wore during her Blonde Ambition tour, is it not?

I predict we’ll see this on the red carpet at some point. But who do you think will be daring enough to pull it off?

This strikes me as very Angelina Jolie, for some reason.

A little bit of 40s, a little bit of 80s, a little bit of 2010.

Is this a bathing suit or a romper? Will it matter to Katy Perry? Probably not.

See, in this case, I’d be the unfashionable wannabe good samaritan who would approach this woman and say “Psst…excuse me! Your bra is showing!”

I really love the soft and simple hair and makeup in this show.

Mixing patterns is also apparently a big trend for Fall 2K10.

Swing Kids: The Sexy Version.

This is begging to be worn with bright red lipstick and/or red shoes.

Surely reserved for Ms. Dita Von Teese.

Some of the dresses were very cute and modern…

…and others had a sexy-retro feel to them.

If Rory Gilmore did Jazzercise, this would be her outfit, no?

Another Dita-ready dress.

There is really no escaping fur on the runways this season.

Suit up!

Flashdance? A Chorus Line, maybe? This is a Fall/Winter collection, right? Isn’t everyone going to be cold?

Thankfully, there’s a coat to keep you warm during your no-pants winter days.

I predict we’ll be seeing this on the red carpet, too. But on who?

More fur…

And more “brrr!”

This hat struck me as very Blossom.

How do you guys feel about the shoes?

There’s something very dreamy about this dress…

And there’s always something magical about a pair of ruby slippers.

The designers seem pretty pleased…what did you think?

[All Images Via Getty.]

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