Does Anyone Not Secretly Record Donald Trump When They Talk to Him?


Omarosa allegedly recorded a bunch of stuff Donald Trump and other White House officials said and then “leveraged” those recordings “while shopping her forthcoming ‘tell-all’ book,” the Daily Beast reports. Does anyone not secretly record this man when they talk to him? I would definitely secretly record him (in a one-party consent state, of course).

Imagine, for a moment, that Trump was not your president but in fact something much more intimate: your boss, the man who hired you and could fire you at any time he felt like it, prompted by nary a breeze. Given his well-documented propensity for doing the latter, in fact, wouldn’t you want to walk around your job (at the White House) wearing a wire, taping his every word, just in case he said something you might later find useful?

Even if you didn’t get fired, at the very least you could use the no-doubt deranged recordings for some kind of found-sound performance art project, a document for some kind of time capsule about the moment when this whole United States government shit really started falling apart.

I mean, yeah! Omarosa, who is a bad person but a smart person, was profoundly aware of his antics, and wasn’t about to let him pull anything slick without a little insurance that she could later profit off whatever wild stuff he may have said in the office. The contents of the recordings, the Daily Beast reports, are “anodyne, everyday chatter.” Or the stuff of million-dollar book advances.

Who else do you think in the White House is not-not recording Donald Trump right now? Melania, of course. Definitely NOT Jared Kushner. A savvy White House page, or 62 of them. Barron. KAREN PENCE.

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