Don Jr. Is a Blogger Now 


Donald Trump Jr., no longer a book boy, has tried his hand at blogging. In a guest column for the Montana Standard about Montana’s Democratic Senator Jon Tester and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Trump, whose roots in Montana run generations deep, writes:

It’s clear that Tester is either too spineless to stand up to the radical liberal fringe in his party, or he agrees with their obstruction and resistance. Either way, he’s certainly not representing Montanans.

He continues, as a Montanan:

How can Democrats and John Tester fulfill their job in the US Senate if they refuse to meet with the nominee? This is a dereliction of duty of a United States Senator. Our constitution is clear, the Senate must “Advise and Consent” on nominees. John Tester isn’t fulfilling his elected role, instead he is missing in action. Montana deserves better.

Like real estate, media is an industry that rewards legacy admissions and weak-chinned white men. Welcome, Don Jr.

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